A surprising phenomenon: there are 8 places on the planet where gravity works

Planet Earth lives according to the law of gravitation, which was opened by sir Isaac Newton. But there are gravitational anomalies, where this law is not working: there are plugged, the car goes uphill, the waterfall against the logic flows upwards, and a multi-ton boulder rests on top of a cliff under the unrealistic tilting, wobbles but doesn’t fall down. This writes Adme.ru.

Удивительное явление: 8 мест на планете, где не работает гравитация

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1. “Reverse” waterfall in England

This waterfall is near the town of Hayfield hits the sky and thus is a bit like a fountain. The secret “waterfall on the contrary” in the wind: its powerful gusts pick up down seeking the water and direct the flow in the opposite direction. At normal water flow the waterfall is 24 m. why is there such a strong wind that is able to cope with an impressive weight of water?

2. The house of secrets in USA, Oregon

In the deep forest stands a rickety hut built on the mystical Oregon vortex. Native Americans called this area the forbidden land – a place that should be avoided. It is believed that here is a spherical field of force, half above ground and half below. People different feeling of the reality. On the floor is impossible to walk – must cling to walls or poles, otherwise blows, as with the ship rolling. But the broom, on the contrary, it is short. You can move it to any place in the house, but that nothing will change – it will stand. In this mysterious place the balls roll up perfectly straight surface. Sell excluded: many tourists would take a level to measure slope.

3. The road at the foot of mount Aragats in Armenia

In Armenia there is a mountain, which is amazing. To it annually attracts thousands of travelers to witness the unusual anti-gravity effects. If you turn the motor down, the car will roll uphill. Completes the picture of the river that is near – it also flows upwards. Many of those who have been there say that climbing was easier than descending.

4. Hoover dam in USA, Nevada

Standing on the dam with a height of 221 meters, it is possible to conduct an experiment: try to pour water from the bottle. The liquid does not pour down, as it usually is, but will instantly fly up. The same thing happens if you try to reset the height of any object, it will rapidly take to the sky powerful airflow.

5. Devils tower, USA, Wyoming

Is located Devil’s Tower in the middle of the very flat Great Plains and is a monolith of volcanic origin. Is the right shape and size make it appeared out of nowhere, a mountain forming the main attraction of Wyoming and the desired target for climbers. It seems incredible that the climbers that climb to a height of 8 thousand meters, you can not conquer the Devil’s Tower. Its height is only 386 m, but because of the sheer walls to climb on it almost impossible. And even harder to come back down.

6. Mysterious road in South Korea

Empty bottles and cans left on the road on Jeju island, will obediently slide into the mountain tourists not checked. And resourceful the authorities quickly made this place attractive to tourists and even put a sign indicating where it begins a gravity anomaly.

7. Golden rock in Myanmar

Covered in gold leaf stone seems ready at any moment to break down, but stands on the site already 2,500 years old. The height of the boulder together with the built on it pagoda is about 15 m. According to legend, the stone rests in the balance of the Buddha, which is bricked up inside. Boulder not secured, and it can undermine everyone, but for all time of existence of even the elements were unable to throw him off the mountain. They say that only a woman can do it. That’s why women have to touch the shrines is prohibited.

8. Stone Dawasco in Argentina

And this huge boulder lost the fight with gravity. A stone weighing over 300 tons was hanging on the edge of a cliff several millennia, but slightly swayed. The locals checked it – I put glass bottles in to the base and they burst. 29 Feb 1912 stone Dawasco suddenly fell off a cliff. It was a real shock for the locals. And after 95 years the townspeople have restored a majestic stone – put a plastic copy in the same place. Its weight is much less – about 9 tons, and it is rigidly fixed to the rock.


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