A suspect in the murder khangoshvili in isolation came to Russian diplomats (PHOTO)

К подозреваемому в убийстве Хангошвили в изолятор приходили российские дипломаты (ФОТО)

Two Russian diplomats have visited the remand prison in Berlin “Vadim Sokolov,” who is suspected of murder of Georgian citizen Zelimkhan khangoshvili. This was reported by the newspaper Spiegel Online and Zeit Online.

The diplomats came to “Sokolov” in the detention center shortly after the crime, they spoke in Russian, and without any observation of what they discussed is unknown. This procedure allowed the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, but a “rapid and intense” reaction of Russia, both the German edition is called unusual, says DW.

Further evidence that Russia is involved in this crime, they believe the origin of the weapons. For murder had used a Glock pistol, which in 1986 was sold from Austria to Estonia, that is, in the sphere of influence of the then Soviet Union. Later the barrel was replaced, probably to hide the traces.

“For dealing with a concern in the office of the Chancellor and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany. If the investigation will show that crime in Central Berlin was made by order of Moscow, it will become a political matter with serious consequences. The Germans will have to react with appropriate stiffness, as well as the British responded in the summer of 2018, when the Russian secret service had attempted to kill the Russian defector Sergei Skripal with the use of nerve toxic substances”, – writes the newspaper Zeit, the translation of which made by the portal InoPressa. This scandal can “for years to cause serious damage to German-Russian relations”.

It is assumed that the weapon is “Sokolov” passed on the way from Warsaw to Berlin and his associates. Earlier it was reported that the suspect went from Moscow to Paris and then to Warsaw, where for five days, rented a room in the hotel. During this time he traveled to Berlin, indicating his intention to return to Warsaw after the Berlin operation. It was also hypothesized that the murder khangoshvili made the former major of police Vladimir Stepanov, was sentenced to 24-year sentence in Russia for his involvement in several high-profile assassinations, but this version was not confirmed.

Zelimkhan khangoshvili was shot in a Small Park Tiergarten in the center of Berlin on August 23. The Russian authorities had declared him wanted on charges of terrorism. In Germany, the Chechens sought refuge after several previous attempts.
The alleged killer managed to catch the same day’s testimony. According to media reports, he was the owner of the existing Russian passport. The journalists managed to learn more about it through the petition for obtaining a Schengen visa, a copy of which was given to them by an unnamed source. In the application for the visa is likely the culprit called himself Vadim Andreyevich Sokolov, born in Irkutsk in August 1970.

The passport, which showed “Sokolov”, he was given just 11 days before the application for a visa. Such a person is not in the list of registered inhabitants in the Alpine alley. The person whose name, place and date of birth would correspond to the data specified in the passport and the visa application “Vadim Sokolov”, none of the available databases of Russian citizens at the disposal of the investigators. However, the applicant received at the Consulate of France in Moscow a multiple Schengen visa the very next day after application.

In addition, the authors of the report claim that the phone jobs “Sokolov” – CJSC “rust” mentioned in the package of documents for obtaining a Schengen visa, coincides with the number of the company, which belongs to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.