A tentative agreement with school bus drivers

A tentative settlement with school bus drivers


Students will not be deprived of yellow buses at the start of the school year, since the government and the Federation of Bus Operators (FTA) finally came to an agreement on Friday, just days before the start of the school year .

This six-year agreement will be presented to the members of the organization so that they can enter into agreements with their respective school service centres.

“This agreement in principle proposes significant investments, promotes greater stability in the school transport sector, guarantees the safety of students and all in all meets several expectations of school transporters”, indicated Friday in a press release the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge.

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Recall that several school transportation contracts had expired since June 30 and that a strike threat was hovering over the negotiations which were stalled a few days ago.

“The Bus Carriers Federation is delighted that the measures put in place by the government make it possible to ensure a safe return to school for the students we transport daily,” said Luc Lafrance, President and CEO of the Federation of bus carriers.

A special negotiator had been appointed by Quebec in this file in order to advance negotiations in the run-up to back to school.