A terrible storm is moving to the Western United States: Americans waiting for flooding and tornado

States in the Western United States are in a state of readiness before the storm. Storm, previously raging in the South, now heading West. This writes ABC News.

Страшный шторм движется на запад США: американцев ждут наводнения и торнадо

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Part of the same cold front that brought severe weather this weekend, 11-12 January, stayed in the South. In South Carolina observed a tornado with wind speeds 90 mph (144.8 million km/h).

Also, this storm caused a flash flood in the South of the country, and 6 States from Louisiana to Georgia are in a state of flood preparedness.

On January 14 possible precipitation of 4 inches (10.16 cm), and by the end of the day are expected to flood.

In the West there is a strong wet snow, which causes riots in the streets around Seattle (WA), accidents and road closures at night.

On Wednesday and Thursday, 15 and 16 January, the storm moves to the West coast, and southern California is expecting heavy snow and heavy rain.

By Friday, January 17, the storm will move to the heartland (Minnesota), where it is expected heavy snowfall.

By the weekend, 18-19 January, the storm moved to the East coast, where snow is expected and heavy rain in the South Carolina.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • From 10 to 12 January, strong winds and tornadoes threatened the livelihood of more than 30 million Americans. Fast-moving storm that has engulfed some parts of the Gulf coast and Southeast United States, was responsible for at least 12 deaths.