A thrill of pleasure: male put penis metal nut and couldn’t remove


Любитель острых удовольствий: мужчина одел на половой член металлическую гайку и не смог ее снять

In one of the medical journals wrote a story of 34-year-old man from Hong Kong who took the removal of the penis metal nuts. This writes The Sun.

The publication says that the device was sufficiently large diameter, and the man clocked it on his penis in order to get an unusual sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, the nut is stuck, and to remove her own man could not.

Two days later, a different kind of unsuccessful attempts, and severe pain, the man still turned to the emergency Department of a hospital. At first, doctors tried using butter, jam and other slippery substances gently remove the nut from the penis, at the same time giving the patient painkillers. Unfortunately, these attempts have not crowned success.

After that, the surgeons had to go to extreme measures and use a special device for cutting metal. This step allowed us to achieve the desired, and the penis of the victim was fully released. The doctors themselves call it one of the most unusual of their career and cases of strangulation of the penis. During the procedure, cutting a nut, despite all the precautions taken, the patient still received two incised wounds of the penis.

How to write a scientific journal to carry out this treatment doctors, strangulation of penis different kind of hard devices requires urgent urological care. Unfortunately, patients often try to cope with this problem independently, without addressing to doctors out of shame. This could exacerbate the situation and lead to extremely negative consequences, including permanent impotence.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the US, doctors are faced with a unique case when a man found a bone in the penis. The appearance of a foreign growth was caused by the ossification — bone development from the connective tissues.

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