A tightening of quarantine measures: in the United States may restrict the movement of people

The US President Donald trump made the tightening of restrictions on the movement of Americans, including leaving the house, but noted that while the US “has not reached this stage.” This writes the “Voice of America”.

Ужесточение карантинных мер: в США могут ограничить передвижение людей

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The white house released recommendations to combat coronavirus, urging Americans not to gather in informal meetings with the participation of more than 10 people.

Bars, restaurants and other public establishments located in the States where there was local transmission of the virus, has proposed to close.

The trump refrained from the announcement of large-scale quarantine or restrictions on leaving the house, though some States and local governments have imposed their own mandatory limits on the operation of catering establishments, cinemas and entertainment facilities to contain the coronavirus.

“We make recommendations, said trump at a press conference in the White house. – We have not yet reached this stage, when it is necessary to oblige people to stay at home. This can happen, but we haven’t come to this.”

Trump also said that the postponement of the primaries following the example of Georgia and Louisiana in General is not necessary.

The number of known cases of infection with coronavirus in the United States is rapidly growing in the last few weeks and has already exceeded 5000. This has raised fears that American hospitals will soon be overcrowded.

According to the Johns Hopkins University and public health authorities, as of Tuesday, March 17, in the United States from the virus is dead at least 85 people. More total deaths in the state of Washington, where on Monday, March 16, announced 6 new deaths.

Coordinator of the White house to combat coronavirus Deborah birx said that in addition to the recommendations to avoid informal meetings, and also close to bars, restaurants and other public places where local transmission of the virus is obvious, it is important that patients remained at home.

“If everyone in the US will do whatever we ask in the next 15 days, we will see a significant difference,” said birx.

The States of new Jersey, new York and Connecticut signed the regional agreement on the closure of all theaters, casino and sports halls from Monday evening, March 16. Restaurants and bars in these three States, where more than 22 million people, will only work on takeaway and delivery.

McDonald’s has announced that a blind landing zone and playgrounds in their own restaurants in the United States.

About 64 thousand schools were closed in at least 33 States. Speech, in particular, the two largest school systems in the country – the city of new York and Los Angeles.

The closure of schools led to the failure of the educational process, affecting at least 32.5 million students.

The epidemic has also caused great damage to American sports.

Major League baseball announced a new postponement of the start of the season 2020, which was originally scheduled for the end of March, after calling the American health authorities to cancel large public events.





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