A total reduction. Have a complete “anti-virus” changes to the budget

In a “Country” was the full text of the amendments to the state budget of Ukraine for the current year, offered by the Cabinet in connection with the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, which has already led to a sharp drop in budget revenues.

Тотальные сокращения. Появился полный текст «антивирусных» изменений в бюджет

It is assumed that dosadna part of the budget in 2020 will be reduced by 115 billion, and its costs will be increased by 96 billion. In the document there is a speech about the rising budget deficit four times and zero financing of local elections.

As the deficiency proposed to increase domestic borrowing by 147 billion and external to 131 billion UAH. It is also proposed to create a stabilization Fund in 124 billion.

The Cabinet proposes to zero out funding for local elections in 2020, which should take place on 25 October. Initially they were laid 2 billion 156 million UAH, the proposal of the government we are talking about reducing the amount to 1 million 291 thousand UAH.

It is curious that the government proposes to create a Stabilization Fund to 124 billion UAH, and for this a reduced budget until the full reset, cut spending on schools and culture, as well as subsidies.

In particular, it is proposed to reduce the cost of subsidies of 8 billion UAH, to stop funding the Ukrainian cultural Fund.

It is also planned a full reset of the State regional development Fund, grants of the United communities on infrastructure and socio-economic development. In addition, the government decided to collect tax on the fuel at the rate of 13.44%, which went to local budgets.

The Ministry of economic development trade and agriculture of Ukraine plan to cut 5.7 billion: 17 949 111, 4 thousand to 12 thousand UAH 248 062. And financial support to agricultural producers UAH 4 billion plan to cut at all.

The budget of the Ministry of veterans Affairs cut by more than 163 million UAH, but it’s actually 30%: planned 081,7 534 thousand UAH, and offer 639,9 370 thousand UAH. Cut the program for financial support, monetary compensation, subventions.

In addition, cut back on lending for the Department of veterans Affairs by more than half: from 1266 to ths 216,7 216,7 561 thousand UAH. Of these trimmed costs 485 million UAH — a subvention for housing for internally displaced persons.

The office of the Ministry of development of communities and territories of Ukraine cut by three quarters with 771,7 2484 UAH to 723,2 621 thousand UAH.

But the cost and loans for Ingromat should reduce by only 10% from 12,875 billion to 1.275 bn does Not greatly affected the budget of the Office of the attorney General. His offer to cut only 120 million UAH: 7 670 648, 2 to 7 thousand UAH 550 712, 2 thousand UAH.

Funding of the Supreme Court are proposed to be reduced to 100 million hryvnia. Planned 2 billion 383 million, offered 2 billion 273 million UAH. And the Higher anti-corruption court want to cut back on 82 million: there were 373 648, 4 thousand UAH, the proposed 291 413, 5 thousand UAH.

But the Ministry of internal Affairs suggest to cut only 4 789 thousand UAH. In the budget 2020 laid 92 966 443 thousand UAH, and with the changes 92 961 654 thousand UAH

Expenses of the Ministry of health plans to raise more than 470 million UAH, with 98183 290,5 thousand UAH up to 98 655 903,7 thousand UAH. The apparatus of the Ministry of health needs to obtain more 541,5 million UAH and local budgets can lose the subvention to the development of the system of emergency medical care at a more 922,5 million.