A “TrudeauFête” for Quebec

A « TrudeauF» for Quebec


The day after Canada Day, the Carifête took place in Montreal, in reality the Carifiesta (because nobody says it the French way), which takes place in the “unofficial language ” Quebec: English.

“Are you happy to be here? Yeahhh! » yelled, still in English, the animators perched on their tractor-trailers during the parade on Sainte-Catherine Street.

Did I feel safe in this large crowd?

Absolutely , since sturdy characters were watching over me, wearing “Security” jerseys.

Forgotten Quebec

During the Carifiesta, the white flag and Canadian red fluttered everywhere.

Jamaica's flag was also very visible.

The stars and stripes of our southern neighbors were also very present. Don't ask me why!

Guess which flag was missing? 

Quebec's. I have not seen it. But who cares that everything happens in English and that the American flag is there, but not the fleur-de-lis?

What kind of message does the newcomer who attends this “Trudeaufête” receive? ? 

He understands that in Quebec, we can ignore Quebec.

No wonder that the nationalist measures (yet cowardly) of the government of François Legault are so popular with Quebecers.

Ignore the nation

The same day as La Carifiesta, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau affirmed in Le Devoir that he will ignore Legault's immigration requests even if the latter receives the support of an overwhelming majority on October 3 .

Trudeau will try to torpedo the timid efforts of little Quebec not to be ignored on its own territory by the people it welcomes in large numbers.

And that is how this brilliant level of government, which manages passports and airports so well, tries to demonize Quebec's minimum demands against the arrogance of those who ignore or deny it.

A « TrudeauFête » for Quebec