A UK resident has won the lottery a record $200 million

Житель Великобритании выиграл в лотерею рекордные $200 млн

A resident of the UK won the EuroMillions £170,2 million (more than $208 million), becoming the record holder of the largest prize in the history of the United Kingdom. This was announced by the representative of the National lottery of the United Kingdom.

“One incredibly lucky ticket holder won the EuroMillions jackpot,” he said, advising all participants in this lottery “to immediately check their tickets”. The winning numbers for the winner, whose name is not yet known, were “7,10, 15, 44, and two additional — 3 and 12”, say the organizers.

The EuroMillions lottery is Europe since 2004. Initially in Spain, France and the UK. Later joined by Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. According to the rules of the lottery, the winner has the right to remain anonymous.