A unanimous Verdict!

Unanimous Verdict!


The play Verdict should be unanimous among theatergoers.

Sober, but far from dry, this production has the merit of touching on fundamental moral and legal questions with intelligence by presenting word for word the pleadings of four cases that have marked Quebec. 

The failure, we feel it by listening to the words of Me Jean-François Arteau in the context of the coroner's public inquiry into the death of Joyce Echaquan. This moving indictment by Paul Doucet shows how a series of medical errors clearly linked to systemic racism cost the life of this mother of seven children.

The humor springs when Marie-Thérèse Fortin brilliantly interprets the lawyer Anne-France Goldwater who defended the right to marriage for people of the same sex.

Previously, the show had opened with the cause of the famous doctor Henry Morgentaler, accused of having performed illegal abortions in 1973 in Montreal. 

For each of these three parts, the flights of lawyers lift the veil on the story of the protagonists behind these cases that have marked the history of Quebec.

The Basil Parasiris affair

More classic, the second part pits the crown against the defense in the case of Basil Parasiris. The latter was accused of the murder of a police officer, during a surprise arrest in the middle of the night at his home which had gone wrong. 

This proposal by Nathalie Roy and Yves Thériault, who pruned, but not modify the words actually spoken by these lawyers, is dynamic and diversified. Directed by Michel-Maxime Legault, this work performed by two actors at the height of their art pays tribute to the work of these jurists who partly shaped the legislative framework in Quebec.  

Verdict is presented until October 20, as well as from November 9 to 12 at the Gesù in Montreal. And on tour in many other cities in the province.

Verdict ★★★★☆

Directed by Michel-Maxime Legault With Marie-Thérèse Fortin and Paul Doucet