A unique experience: a city in the United States, where walking in summer clothes even in severe frosts

Tourists who visited the Northern US city of Minneapolis, surprised that even in the most severe frosts, local residents can easily walk to work, shops, cafes, entertainment venues, simply dressed in summer shirt and pants. How they do it, says the author of the channel “Era Zastrow” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Уникальный опыт: город в США, где ходят в летней одежде даже в лютые морозы

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The fact that the city authorities have created a unique system of enclosed passages between the houses and shopping complexes. This system has a total length of about 18 kilometers and allows you to walk among 80 districts.

Navigation Skyway System

Minneapolis is one of the largest cities of Minnesota. The city is in a very harsh climate zone, where winter temperatures can drop below -30 degrees Celsius. Constant snowstorms, hurricanes and other disasters do not allow comfortable to be outside. The city authorities decided to create a unique system of covered passages over the land, which would allow local residents to move freely around the city even on the coldest days. On the construction of a pedestrian system took a lot of money, but it was worth it! Year-round pedestrian crossings within a comfortable temperature is maintained at 20-22 degrees Celsius.

A city within a city

This allowed local residents and guests to move freely throughout the territory in the ordinary summer clothes. Using transitions, you can easily get into the workplace, go to cafes, visit the Museum or relax in the theatre or cinema. People don’t have to leave the room and go on snow-covered street. The system is called Minneapolis Skyway System and connects almost all neighbourhoods in the city. People call such a system – a city within a city.

Уникальный опыт: город в США, где ходят в летней одежде даже в лютые морозы

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Without interference for transportation

Note that the air passages located on the third floor and do not interfere with the roadway. A complex system allows you to skip more than 280 thousand people a day. Of course, for the first time getting in air transport, the tourist can get lost in a complex maze, so there has a special program for smartphones. Using the program, you can easily define your own location and find the right path to the store or other destination.

Sights along the way

The system combines all the attractions in the city to the tourists and travellers it easier to access to theatres, concert halls and other cultural places. Some of the transitions turned into art spaces, where you can see contemporary art.

It should be noted that the only inconvenience is the presence of a work schedule. On a normal day transitions work between 6:30 and close at 22:00. On weekends, the transitions operate on schedule from 8:00 to 20:00.

The original column published in the blog “the Age Zastrow” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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