A US court has awarded Johnson & Johnson to pay $8 billion to the man who grew Breasts due to intake of antipsychotic (PHOTO)

Суд США присудил компании Johnson & Johnson выплатить $8 млрд мужчине, у которого выросла грудь из-за приема нейролептика (ФОТО)

A Philadelphia court ordered the American company Johnson & Johnson to pay $ 8 billion as compensation to a resident of Maryland Nicholas Murray, who filed the lawsuit due to the fact that as a result of antipsychotic drug Risperdal (Risperidone), manufactured by J&J, he grew Breasts.

This lawsuit is one of 13 thousand filed against Johnson & Johnson in connection with the side effects of this drug. Murray, like other plaintiffs in this consolidated case, claimed that he began to grow Breasts after he was prescribed the anti-psychotics, when he was a minor. Management on control over foodstuff and medicines of the USA approved the drug in 1993 to treat schizophrenia and bouts of bipolar disorder in adults.

According to the plaintiff, the company knew about this side effect, as increased breast tissue in men (gynecomastia), but not reported that doctors.

In 2015, the jury rendered the first verdict in the case, requiring the company to pay the plaintiff the amount of 1.75 million dollars, but later the amount was reduced to 680 thousand. However, Murray filed an appeal and, by a new decision of the jury of Philadelphia, he was sentenced to eight billion.

However, the money Murray will get, as the representatives of the company Johnson & Johnson said it will challenge the court’s decision to “cancel this unreasonable verdict”.

Lawyers for J&J stated that the payout “is extremely disproportionate to the initial payment, and the company is confident that the decision will be reversed”, Reuters reports. In addition, they note that the jury was not allowed to hear evidence of the benefits of the drug.

After this verdict of Johnson & Johnson stock fell in price by 1.3%, according to RBC.

Note that cause gynecomastia (increase in mammary glands) can be long-term use of a number of drugs besides risperidone. This can be spironolactone, digitalis, methyldopa, reserpine, meprobamate, fenotiazin ketoconazole, Casabianca, hormone therapy, estrogen, testosterone or gonadotropin.

In addition, the Breasts may increase as a result of various endocrine diseases: Klinefelter syndrome, testicular feminization syndrome of Reifenstein, neutering and hypothyroidism, tumors of the testis, choriocarcinoma, pituitary tumors and adrenal glands. Gynecomastia can be a consequence of neoplastic syndrome in cancer of the bronchi. It occurs also in liver cirrhosis, malnutrition from starvation.