A vandal threw a brick through the window of the car, and got an unexpected result (video)

Вандал швырнул кирпич в окно машины — и получил неожиданный для себя результат (видео)

In the British city of Durham street surveillance camera caught a curious case. For 10 seconds of the video past the parked on the street car, which belongs to the man-the disabled person is a suspect type. Pausing near the car, he picks up a brick lying nearby and swung it launches in a window of the Renault Kangoo. But brick, like a boomerang of retaliation, suddenly bounces off the glass and strikes directly in the face of the vandal. He recoils, clutching his face, and bent in half in pain. And then unsteadily walks away.

“Instant karma,” wrote netizens in the comments.

According to the newspaper the Sun, and later mount-vandal tracked down and arrested. 40-year-old attacker appear before the court on 7 November. In addition to this incident, he is accused in the theft from the store.

The car belongs to 32-year-old Martin Craig, who uses a wheelchair. He says he didn’t even know about the incident until his door knocked by police and said that they caught someone who tried to break into his car. He said that he watched the tape together with the guards, and they all could not help but laugh. Martin also said that the glass left scratches from the brick.

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