A viable income to lift seniors out of precariousness

A viable income to lift the elderly out of poverty


The Quebec Association for the Defense of the Rights of Retired and Pre-Retired Persons (AQDR) is calling for a viable income for all seniors in order to get them out of precariousness in a context of the rising cost of living.

“Income has an impact on all aspects of our lives and the numbers don't lie: nearly 640,000 seniors in Quebec still live on less than $20,000 annually,” said deplored Thursday by press release Pierre Lynch, president of the AQDR.

The AQDR calls for the recognition of viable income according to the definition of the Institute for Socio-economic Research and Information (IRIS) as a new economic indicator in the development of policies that have an impact on the income of seniors.

IRIS defines sustainable income as “a sum available (after tax) that allows a dignified life out of poverty”, including seeing a marker of economic, cultural and social inclusion.

Making its demands to political parties itics involved in the October 3 elections, the AQDR is demanding an annual increase of $4,000 in support for seniors and eligibility for tax credits from the age of 65 with a modulation according to income.

< p>The organization expects the next government to negotiate with Ottawa a $4,000 per year increase in the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), for which the eligibility criteria should be changed.

“The targets for 2023-2024 must provide that single seniors will have access to a minimum viable income of $28,000 per year, which requires an increase of approximately $8,000 per year,” added Mr. Lynch.