A village in Italy offers visitors a week of free vacation in a Villa

A village in Italy offers to tourists pay for the accommodation in the Villa this summer to entice people to come after quarantine, writes The Sun.

Деревня в Италии предлагает туристам неделю бесплатного отдыха на вилле

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Town in the Molise region, located two hours away from Rome, will allow tourists to stay for 7 nights for free in some deserted houses and villas throughout the region.

The deal was made by town hall in partnership with the cultural Association Amici Del Morrutto called Regalati il Molise (give yourself Molise).

The region offers 40 free trips over the summer to reside in the villages San Giovanni in Galdo, in the period from 4 July to 3 October.

The offer includes villas with two, three or four beds.

To apply, fill out a form in Italian and to be resident in the Molise.

One application may be filed for 1-5 people, and the form must specify the reasons for which you would like to come on holiday, as well as data of identity cards of each applicant. More than 600 people have already applied.

Molise has managed to maintain a low incidence of coronavirus compared to the rest of the country with no new cases for nearly a week.

Now the region is hoping to encourage tourists to visit places that are usually missing on their radar.

Local activist Enzo Luongo, one of the initiators of the project, told The Telegraph that some of the houses in the village had been empty for many years after the locals left the area to move to more prosperous parts of the country.

Currently, the region has a total of 305 000 inhabitants.

He added: “It’s beautiful but deserted villages, where there is no accommodation for tourists, so we thought: how can we help revive our historic village and to encourage visitors in these difficult times, when tourism was at a historical low?”

The New York Times announced Molise one of the 52 places to visit in 2020.

Last year the region had invited anyone who wanted 700 euros (787 dollars) per month for three years for moving in Molise, so as to increase the population. For three years this amount will be 25 € 200 (28 332 USD).