A well-known guest in Quebec surprises Bruce Boudreau

Well-known guest in Quebec surprises Bruce Boudreau


Fans haven't seen Vancouver Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau smile too often on TV, but Friday at the Bell Center they were treated to an exception, courtesy of none other than Quebec wrestler Kevin Owens. 

The latter was an attentive spectator in the National Hockey League (NHL) entry draft and he made an appearance for least noticed when he appeared in front of NHL Network cameras. At the time, Boudreau – an admirer of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler – was chatting with the hosts about hockey-related topics. Visibly surprised, he displayed an eloquent smile as he shook hands with Owens, who had come to meet him in the middle of his television appearance.

On screen, we wanted to remind you that the native of Montérégie was actually the Canucks pilot's favorite wrestler.

The discussion was certainly warm, with the two men also taking care to have their pictures taken for the Canucks' Twitter account.