A wild blueberry pie from Lac-Saint-Jean voted best in the Americas

A pie crust with wild blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean & eacute; read best of the Americas


A Montreal chef took top honors on Monday by cooking the best pâté croute in the Americas, which will earn him the chance to defend his recipe for this traditional French dish at the World Finals in Lyon in December.

Philippe Bretigniere, from Productions La Fayette, was one of the 13 candidates to have presented his version of this dish to the jury, during the American final of the World Pâté Croûte Championship at the Hôtel Place d'Armes, in Old Montreal.

Some of the candidates came from the United States and even from Mexico.

Mr. Bretigniere did not hesitate to use creativity to stand out, using boreal herbs and wild blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean. “I only used local products and I'm going to do exactly the same again, at the Lyon final,” he said in an interview after being crowned winner on Monday evening.

Rather little known in Quebec, pâté croute is a French culinary specialty, representing a particular technical challenge, since it involves skills in butchery, baking and cooking. The dish is usually made up of layers of assorted meats, including pork, game, and other fillings, held together by an aspic jelly, all encased in a decorated puff pastry crust. It is to preserve this century-old tradition that the World Championship of Pâté Croûte was created.

Philippe Bretigniere and his closest rival Nicolas Delaroque of San Francisco, who came in second, will represent the Americas at the 2022 edition of the championship to be held on December 5 in Lyon, the world capital of gastronomy.

< p>The competition, founded in 2009, held its American final for the first time in Montreal. “Given the upcoming ban on foie gras in New York, we are delighted to have brought the selection from the Americas to Canada,” said Arnaud Bernollin, co-founder of the Championship.

Canada is not at its first contact with this competition, however, the executive chef of the Hôtel Place d'Armes, Grégory Faye, having been the world winner of the elegance prize in 2021.

Thomas Delannoy, President of Chefs Canada, an organization dedicated to promoting Canadian cuisine, was pleased to have organized the hosting of the Americas final in Montreal. “It's a great way to shed light on Montreal and its gastronomy, while promoting enriching international exchanges. Some of the best international chefs are here tonight, and the fact of sending our chefs abroad to present our know-how and our local products will shine, not only our gastronomy, but also our producers”, added he mentioned.

On the sidelines of the Montreal event, to introduce the dish to Montrealers, Chefs Canada offered a first edition of the Pâté Croûte Fest, which took place in 12 establishments in the metropolis during the 10 days preceding the American final of the Place d'Armes.