A witty clergyman explains how to properly touch unpleasant. Social media has gone mad

Father Rafał is active on social media. It explains many interesting things.

A witty clergyman explains how to properly touch unpleasant. Social media has gone mad

It is no secret that for a long time we have been reading and hearing in the colored press and in the media how a huge crisis prevailed in the Catholic faith and turnout during Sunday masses.

Father Rafał makes a sensation on the web

The media also reports that there are also fewer and fewer clergymen and willing to study in the seminary. The crisis of faith may be related to the events of the last two years, which have confused many people around the world quite well.

There are, however, clergymen who, using the gifts of the present day, perfectly hit to believers of all ages.

@ksiadz_z_osiedla Zuzi sz & oacute; stka leaves the marks but a good cake is always welcome: D @ x.sakowska.x #d #dc #fyp # school #koniecrokuszkolnego ♬ original sound – Priest from the estate

One of them is & ldquo; A priest from the estate & rdquo; & ndash; Father Rafał, a young clergyman who runs a profile on TikTok and YouTube, among others.

source: YouTube/Priest from the Estate

In a very humorous way, he communicates simple information to highlight more or less important issues related to faith, practice or approach to the most frequently discussed issues.

All of his videos have a lot of views, and among them & oacute; There is an amusing explanation of how one should kneel when walking in front of the altar. The clergyman in no way criticizes people who do otherwise, he only gives a hint.

@ksiadz_z_osiedla How do you kneel? : D #dc #dlaciebie #foryoupage #fyp ♬ House of the Rising Sun – Lil srwg

What types of kneeling did Father Rafał present? Many who attend church have certainly seen them: “With Telemark”; “Quick, so as not to cover”; “Hello God”; “The right one”, according to the clergyman.