A woman built a house of glass bottles in Brazil

Женщина построила дом из стеклянных бутылок в Бразилии

In Brazil, a woman was independently built a house made of bottles. Its housing has become a local landmark, which is called “liter-house”. Yvonne willingly turns journalists into their new home: there’s no Wallpaper, no fancy plaster. And it is not necessary special design create built into the wall of the bottle.

“There are more than ten thousand. I started the installation in November of 2017: used containers that were collected throughout the neighborhood,” says Yvonne Martinez, hostess.

The apartment is small: height of three meters, an area of about seventy square meters. There is a bedroom, a corridor, a kitchen and even the bathroom. On a question of journalists, where did this idea, the woman says that after her son’s death had to do something to keep from going crazy.

“So I tried to get out of depression. The house could be build out of other materials, but at the time I just don’t have the funds,” – says Yvonne.

So the woman collected garbage. And not just bottles. For example, stairs made of used tires. To dwell on this Yvonne is not going to: plans to make furniture from recycled materials – said the news is “Today” on TV channel “Ukraine”.