A woman from Florida was billed for childbirth for $ 500 thousand, although she had insurance: why it happened

A Florida woman after giving birth received a hospital bill worth more than half a million dollars & # 8211; despite having health insurance, CBS reports.

A woman from Florida was billed for childbirth for $ 500 thousand, although she had insurance: why it happened

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< p> She changed her health plan while her newborn was in intensive care, and she says this led to a lot of billing confusion.

Her son Dorian is now a healthy one year old, but when he was born prematurely in November 2020, he was rushed to the intensive care unit. His mother Busy Bennett was scared for his health.

“I didn't even know if he was born alive or not,” & # 8211; Bennett said.

Dorian was in the hospital for about two months before he was healthy enough to go home. Bennett then received the hospital bill & # 8211; worth more than $ 550,000.

“I was very upset when I saw the half million dollar set because I felt like I did everything in my power not to get this huge bill,” & # 8211; she said.

She chose a network hospital for her United Healthcare coverage. But in January 2021, while her son was still in intensive care, her employer changed the health plan to UMR.

Rather than billing United Healthcare for 2020 and UMR for 2021, the hospital billed both policies for both years. When none of them were able to cover the bill due to an administrative error, Bennett was presented with a check for over $ 550,000.

“I called the hospital several times to tell them,“ Hey you guys , heap up the bill, you have to split it, ”the woman says.

Despite her calls, the same bill was sent again with a payment plan of almost $ 46,000 per month.

“This is funny. I don’t have $ 46,000 a month ”, & # 8211; Bennett said.

“I was afraid of collectors, & # 8211; she said. & # 8211; I hope that after this story, they really think about healthcare from a holistic point of view. Health & # 8211; it's not just a hospital & # 8230; It also relates to how you treat someone after they were discharged from the hospital & # 8220 ;.

Advent Health Orlando changed the bill after being approached by Kaiser in October Health News. Bennett's check was then updated to $ 300.

United Healthcare said in a statement that it did not receive a portion of its 2020 hospital bill until this fall.

“We apologize for the concern this caused “, & # 8211; the hospital said in a statement.

“This case allowed us to identify opportunities in our system to improve billing and communication for prospective patients whose coverage may change during treatment,” the statement said.

Kaiser Health News Editor-in-Chief Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal said, “The problem is that when there is confusion or disagreement between providers, the patient is left with nothing.”