A woman was swallowed whole by a python in Indonesia

A woman was swallowed whole by a python in Indonesia sie


A 50-year-old working on a plantation in Indonesia was thought to have been killed by a python, which then swallowed her whole body, various local media reported. 

The victim, named Jahrah, worked in a rubber fig plantation in the Jambi region of the island of Sumatra.

Worried that she would not return home after her day's work Sunday, her husband went to the plantation, where he discovered some of his personal effects, such as his sandals and a scarf. the disappearance: a seven-meter-long python that had an abnormally swollen stomach.

“This snake is suspected of having stalked the victim. After capturing her, we found the victim in her stomach,” local police chief AKP S Harefa told local media.

According to CNN Indonesia, the policeman clarified that the the victim's body was virtually intact.

Pythons catch their prey by choking it, before swallowing it whole and slowly digesting it. Cases of human attacks are extremely rare, but not impossible.

According to The Guardian, two other similar cases have occurred in Indonesia in recent years. A farmer was killed and swallowed in 2017 on Sulawesi Island, while a woman suffered the same fate while gardening on Muna Island in 2018.