A woman with U.S. citizenship and Israel was arrested in Russia because of marijuana

A woman with dual American and Israeli citizenship, within four months of languishing in Russian prisons. All because of 9 grams of cannabis, which took over drug smuggling to Russia.

Женщину с гражданством США и Израиля арестовали в России из-за марихуаны

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25-year-old Naama Issachar were accused of smuggling drugs to Russia after her registered Luggage, which was taken in Israel, found 9 grams of cannabis.

Since then she has extended the period of detention five times, three times changed the detention facility and jail. She was allowed only four personal meetings and two phone calls.
Issachar, originally from the US, has dual American-Israeli citizenship. In April, she returned to Israel after a three-month trip to India. In Moscow she had a connecting flight.

When Isaachar boarded the plane in tel Aviv, she was stopped by the Russian police, saying that the Luggage was found the cannabis.

The girl confirmed that the Luggage was hers, but said that cannabis had no luck, and no idea how he got into her Luggage.

Then she was transferred from the airport to a detention facility in Moscow, where he filed charges of possession of cannabis. Often this entails one-month period of detention, a fine and a ban on entry into the country.

However, shortly before the end of the month stay, the state Prosecutor changed the charges from storage for personal reasons for drug smuggling — a much more serious charge, entailing deprivation of liberty for a term of three to 10 years.

Issachar is currently in a women’s prison in a half-hour drive from Moscow.

Sister Issachar, Lead, said that the charges against her sister for smuggling drugs to Russia, have no reason, given that cannabis was discovered in checked baggage aboard her connecting flight destined for tel Aviv.

Lead argued that this suggests that Naamah was never going to import hemp in Russia because she had no access to it at the airport.

Nine grams of cannabis is a small quantity, and Lead noted that the Israeli authorities do not pursue individuals for possession of 15 grams or less, if it is intended for personal use.

“My sister lost heart,” said Lead The Jerusalem Post.

“We saw her the other day. We were allowed to communicate with her only through a glass partition, and she cried all the time. We need to get her out of there. She doesn’t speak Russian. No one speaks English, and the guards shout at her when she doesn’t understand what they want. She is unable to communicate with anyone. She does not receive any information. She has no idea what’s going on. How can she survive in these conditions?”, — she added.

Liad said she and her mother Jaffa’s “call” the State of Israel and the United States to participate and fight for the liberation of Issachar, to enable it to return to Israel.

“She has no criminal record,” said Lead.

“She served in the IDF and was an outstanding soldier in combat units. We want her country fought for her as she fought for her for three years,” added sister.

Jaffa Issachar said that her daughter desperately needs help. She noted that lawyers Issachar believe that they have enough evidence to prove that their client was not involved in drug smuggling, but they expressed caution about the chances of her acquittal.

Jaffa added that they contacted the embassies of Israel and the United States in Moscow, which helped to obtain visiting rights, but they both stated that they cannot interfere in the judicial process in Russia.

“We are aware of this issue and are in contact with the Embassy of Israel in Moscow, trying to make this work”, — said the representative of the Russian Embassy in Israel.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs reported that the Israeli Consul in Moscow Jaffa Olevsky and consular Department of the Ministry liaised with the Naama family since her arrest and provided consular and humanitarian assistance.

The Ministry said that overall the government cannot interfere in judicial proceedings in another country, but it has taken “unusual” steps “addressed to the senior echelons in Russia”, including the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia, to help Naama.

“The Russians gave to understand that we are talking about a criminal offense requiring a court proceedings in accordance with Russian legislation,” — said the Minister.

ForumDaily previously wrote that in Russia after two years in prison freed the American — he was in jail due to the fact that he had purchased over the Internet cleaning agent.