A young resident of Winnipeg calls for Canadians to vote (PHOTO)

Молодая жительница Виннипега призывает граждан Канады голосовать  (ФОТО)

Terminally ill resident of Winnipeg does not regret her remaining time to contribute that, and she believes in it, can affect the situation in the country.

For 18-year-old Maddison Yetman (Maddison Yetman) totally unexpected was the diagnosis that she had cancer and in terminal phase, and that she was to live for a few days.

A student of the anthropology Department of the University of Winnipeg, on Tuesday she posted a video on social networks, calling to vote all inhabitants of the country. (https://www.facebook.com/maddison.yetman/videos/2580663005353981/).

In the video she says that one of her last actions was that it had participated in Federal elections, leaving her life’s first newsletter. The record quickly gained a huge number of views.

“If I did have time, they’ll find you.”

Yetman is the niece of the administrator of the radio station Global News Winnipeg Brent Williamson, who helped her make this video.

“Madison has always been very active politically, starting in grade 7, she had a very definite position,” said Williamson.

“She really believes in the importance of this process and was looking forward to voting. She read to us all the lecture about the pros and cons of various parties in its opinion”.

He said that Sunday morning she felt sick, and by evening the doctors announced that she had cancer.

“About two hours later we were all in her room, and she said, “I will vote on these damn election, anyway”.

Five days later the family announced that her cancer was inoperable and incurable.

“She was more than happy that voted … and she put something on his Twitter page and said, “If I’m bedridden, unable to vote, so can you”.

According to Williamson, the main point is that Jetman whose life will end, perhaps in a few days, however, it is very important to vote.

“Ten minutes, 15 minutes, it’s a significant amount of time. For all of us – no, but for her… and it touched us very much”.

Global News asked people on election day, October 21, to take a selfie after voting and upload it on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #VotedForMaddison to honor the wish of a girl who wants people exercised their right to participate in political processes.