A young woman is giving her father a liquid from a syringe. This is their last meeting. What is it about

The daughter's final foray for her dad captured the hearts of TikTok users around the world.

 A young woman gives her father a liquid from a syringe. This is their last meeting. What's going on

In a popular clip, which almost won Two million views, Pennelope (@penface) and her loved ones share their last rum and cola with their terminally ill dad. & ldquo; One last drink with Daddy, before his spirit returns to the universe. Until the roads intersect again, old man. I love you & rdquo; & ndash; described this sentimental moment for Pennelope.

& ldquo; Hell yeah & rdquo ;, Pennelope said in the clip

Pennelope unlocks the can and draws a small amount into the syringe. & ldquo; I came ready to say goodbye & rdquo; & ndash; she said in the movie. & ldquo; Give it some flavor & rdquo ;. & ldquo; We brought you some rum, papa & rdquo ;, you can hear her talking. & ldquo; We put it in the [syringe] and put it in the mouth & rdquo ;. She asked her dad if it tasted nice, to which he apparently nodded, making both women laugh. & ldquo; rest in peace & rdquo; & ndash; one of them wrote.

& ldquo; This is a remarkable goodbye, and I hope his wife is doing well [as it is] so difficult for her to go through. Condolences to all his relatives & rdquo; – wrote one of the commenters.

The other wrote: & ldquo; As a nurse, I couldn't keep it to myself. You said goodbye to your father in style. I'm sorry for your loss & rdquo ;. & ldquo; I smuggled margaritas into my niece's hospital room to get some sleep in the last week of her life & rdquo; & ndash; Another person shared and a fourth added: “Rolling eyes at 7am is beautiful”.

@penface One last drink with dad before his spirit returned to the universe. Until we cross paths again old man. Kocham Cie. #grief #griefjourney #loss #goodbye ♬ original sound – penface

In another clip, Pennelope wrote that & ldquo; feels a bit brighter today & rdquo; and thanked TikTok for & ldquo; being so supportive and kind in saying good wishes & rdquo ;. She revealed that the recording was one of the & ldquo; final moments & oacute; of interacting with my dad & rdquo; & ndash; a clip she said she would always value.

@penface Feeling a bit brighter today 💛 #griefjourney #grief #bundyrum #bundyrumgirl #fyp ♬ Lofi nostalgic old music box (833007) – NARU

Her dad was sadly diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a condition that affects breathing, and he was in and out of hospital for a long time before his death. & ndash; He looked at me and nodded his head & ndash; she said.

& ldquo; And we said we'd be there in the morning, and he wasn't there to greet us before sunrise. & ldquo; And that's okay because he's always been an early riser. I didn't expect anything less & rdquo ;.