Abortion, immigration, and slavery: Kanye West held his first election rally

American rapper Kanye West, previously registered candidate in the presidents of the United States, began her campaign — the first meeting held in Charleston (SC) with potential voters. About it writes BBC.

Аборты, иммиграция и рабство: Канье Уэст провел свой первый предвыборный митинг

Screenshot: YouTube/The Sun

43-year-old musician was dressed in a bulletproof vest with the words Security on the back of his head he shaved the numbers “2020”.

During his speech, West spoke on several topics — in particular, abortion, immigration, slavery, religion and other issues.

Gun control, activists and LGBT rights

As for gun control, West said, “shooting a gun is fun,” and told how he could “shoot from AR-15 all day” when he was at his ranch in Wyoming, writes the Mothership.

“The fact is that if we add up all your weapons, then when they come to other countries, what do you think will happen? We will be enslaved,” said the rapper.

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people,” added West.

He also shocked the participants of the attack on the historical figure Harriet Tubman, called one of the most respected figures in the US of the 19th century.

Tubman was an African-American who escaped slavery and then helped enslaved black men and women to escape North on the underground railroad.

However, Tubman didn’t seem impressed at West’s, he said she “never freed the slaves.”

“She simply forced them to work on other white people,” he said.

West also interrupted when he tried to answer the question about homosexuality. In the end, the rapper was kicked out of the party rally.

“Jesus loves everyone. He never discriminare”, — he said finally.

“I almost killed my daughter”

Perhaps the most emotional moment in the speech of the West came when he brought up the topic of abortion.

Speaking about abortion, the musician burst into tears when told how his parents almost got an abortion: “I was saved my mother, dad wanted her to have an abortion. Mother saved my life. There would be Kanye West because my dad was very busy.”

A similar situation happened with the daughter of a rapper.

“I almost killed my daughter,” he cried.

The rapper continued the story about how he and his girlfriend (now wife) Kim Kardashian discussed abortion.

“She had pills in hand,” said West.

The turning point came when the rapper “went to” God.

“If you spat on my opinion, I spit in yours,” he reportedly said to West.

Financial assistance for single mothers

Religion was a common theme throughout the rally the West and often served as his justification for adopting traditionally conservative positions on various issues.

“The Bible says “thou shalt Not kill” — he said, clarifying his position on abortion.

After he said a young woman from the audience who had an abortion that he understands her situation, West said: “Jesus loves all people … and God wants us to do”.

Despite the fact that he did not propose to ban abortion, West said that financial incentives to help single mothers may hinder the abortion.

One of the proposals put forward by the West, was to give single mothers $50 000 a year for child care.

He later increased the offer of financial assistance, saying: “anyone who has a child will receive a million dollars or something like that”.

What else they talked about

West spoke about the role of religion in society: “There is neither bad nor good, neither red or blue (the colors of the Republican and Democratic parties). We are all equal in the eyes of God. So, only following his commandments will give us true freedom”.

The musician also spoke about his attitude to immigrants: according to him, the immigrants working for the United States and support the United States, therefore, they should be given the opportunity to “be free.”

That is part of the West in the elections, the usual publicity stunt, still doubts even of his supporters.

And the election meeting, which was held a few messy, clarity in this issue is not made.

For the first time about presidential ambitions, the rapper announced in 2015 — then he connected himself with the Democratic party of the United States.

Since then, his political sympathies have changed — he has met with the President, Republican Donald trump, spoke out in his support and called trump his brother.

In early July he again announced that he intends to participate in presidential elections.




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