About 6 million Russians are in prison abroad (PHOTOS)

Около 6 тысяч россиян находятся в местах лишения свободы за границей (ФОТО)

About 6 million Russians are currently in prisons outside the country , said the head of the Department of the consular Department of the foreign Ministry Ruslan golubovskiy at the meeting of the “round table” in the state Duma on Friday to discuss the establishment of a mechanism of protecting Russian citizens detained abroad.

Most rosiyan, according to him, are behind bars on charges of domestic crimes, reports “Interfax”.
“The range of charges being used against Russian citizens, the very broad, some of them, clearly, is politically motivated – as in the cases of Butynol and Wyszynski,” – said Golubovska.

The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that the vast majority of convicted abroad of Russian citizens are in countries where there are large Russian Diaspora. According to Golubovsky, “the crimes committed there, are often of a domestic nature”. This last category of Russians expects and needs to be supported by Russia, he said.

Earlier on Friday, the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova encouraged to compile a complete list of Russians who are abroad in places of deprivation of liberty and in need of help. She said this to reporters.

In her opinion, to create such a registry, the Ombudsman or the Ministry of foreign Affairs. To Finance the assistance to citizens, trapped behind bars, only voluntarily, she added. For these purposes, there is already a Fund of support of compatriots, drew attention Moskalkova.

When such a roster will be drawn up, the Russians have got to a difficult situation abroad, will be able to get help and a lawyer to get into this list, added the Ombudsman.