About the dangers of soft drinks told the experts

People with excess body weight who regularly drink fizzy drinks often suffer from accelerated tooth decay. To such conclusion employees of king’s College London, published the results of their study in the publication Clinical Oral Investigations.

О вреде сладких газированных напитков рассказали специалисты

Doctors have long noticed a link between obesity have accelerated the destruction of tooth enamel. Obese people changing the form and appearance of the teeth, plus, their teeth become too sensitive to the cold and hot. It is considered that such problem is caused by high acidity, which is often observed in patients with obesity.

Gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux disease, which are the companions of many fat people, manifested in the form of heartburn, which in Western culture tends to fight with club soda and baking soda. In the latter, while usually present phosphoric and citric acid, only aggravates the problem.

In General, if we reduce factors such as excess weight and regular consumption of soft drinks, then the equation will automatically appear and the third component is the rapid destruction of the tooth enamel. This, of course, not the end of history — problems with teeth lead to the development of a whole bunch of dangerous and potentially deadly diseases.