About the fats that you’re on a diet, says nutritionist

Even if you have set a goal to get into your favorite skinny jeans, sit on the water and leafy greens is a bad idea. A nutritionist talks about foods that get rid of the hunger, saturate, and will bring a lot of benefits to the body. Most importantly — measure.

О жирах, которые можно на диете, рассказывает диетолог

“If the diet lacks vitamins, minerals or fats, changing metabolism, it affects the health, condition of skin, hair, mood. Besides, to throw off those extra pounds will be harder because of slowing metabolism”.

The best products with high fat content

Rich in oleic acid. It helps to lower “bad” cholesterol, and even promotes the breakdown of fat.

Bitter chocolate
There are a lot of fat and sugar, but are also useful antioxidants. A few cloves per day will reduce cravings for sweets, will make the diet more complete and nutritious.

Pork pork different. If you take low-fat piece, boil or bake in the oven, then calories will be not much more than chicken. But useful good the high content of magnesium and potassium.

Red fish
Fatty fish contain essential omega-3 that protects the heart, blood vessels and normalize the metabolism of fat. Among the fatty varieties, in addition to red, also note on herring and mackerel.

They are convenient bite, 20 grams will quickly satisfy your hunger, saturate the blood of healthy oils, vitamins and minerals.