About the symptoms and treatment of cystitis, doctors told

Due to various reasons have to deal with unpleasant drawing pains in the abdomen, frequent walking to the toilet (up to 40 times a day), painful urination. These symptoms indicate inflammatory process in the bladder — cystitis.

О симптомах и лечении цистита, рассказали медики

Often causes of this disease are: prolonged sedentary work, occasional emptying of the bladder, tight underwear, hypothermia, prone to constipation. Almost all of these causes are responsible for the stagnant processes in the abdomen, disruption of normal blood flow. Well as certain medications can cause inflammation of the urethra.

Due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the excretory system, women are more often victims of cystitis. This is explained by the close proximity of the urinary and anal openings, allowing the microorganisms have easier access into the body with subsequent development of inflammation.

Cystitis in men is most often associated with hypothermia, infection of the urethra and the presence of prostatitis.

The factors that trigger the development of cystitis includes: the use of coarse toilet paper, a traumatic opening of the urethra in women, allergic reactions to personal care products.

To help cope with the acute condition can be a doctor. The exact implementation of its recommendations will prevent the transfer of disease into a chronic form.

Before visiting the doctor recommended plenty of warm drinks. Should be deleted at the time the use of tea, coffee, alcohol, hot spices, smoked products, pickles — all of these products increase the irritation of the bladder. It is good to prepare a decoction of the following herbs: mint, parsley, yarrow, mother-and-stepmother, horsetail. In pharmacies there is a special urological fees, which include herbs possessing anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect.

To relieve pain antispasmodics will help, if there are no contraindications.

It should be remembered that all folk remedies are in addition to the basic treatment prescribed by your doctor. And here, unfortunately, no antibacterial drugs are indispensable.