About ukad ukad responded to the scandal with the failure to WADA doping samples 4-time Olympic champion, a statement of 2017

UKAD отреагировало на скандал с невыдачей WADA допинговых проб 4-кратного олимпийского чемпиона заявлением 2017 года

Anti-doping Agency of the UK (about ukad ukad) instead of a review of non-extradition WADA samples 4-time Olympic champion, 6-time world champion in run on a long distance Mo Farah for investigation into his former coach Alberto Salazar has published on the official website its statement of March 4, 2017.

“All British elite athletes who are part of the testing and/or reanalysis of samples about ukad ukad, will be under the jurisdiction of about ukad ukad, even if they are training or competing abroad. Samples will be tested and potentially re-analyzed about ukad ukad based on the findings of the investigation and improved detection methods.

Each time the sample is analyzed again or is sent to another location, amount of substance, contained therein, can be reduced, and the quality is damaged which limits the possibility of re-testing in the future,” the statement said.

While about ukad ukad stresses it does not comment on its testing strategy. The statement also explained the principle of confidentiality, following which the Agency does not disclose information during the investigation and upon its completion, if charges are not filed.

“About ukad ukad strongly condemns the leaking of information that serves only to incite rumour and innuendo and could undermine the principle of confidentiality, which is critical for accurate and thorough anti-doping investigations,” reads the statement.

We add that the charismatic German journalist, Hyo Seppelt condemned the decision not to transfer about ukad ukad WADA samples of Farah in the investigation of the case Salazar. “About ukad ukad chose a very clumsy way to refuse to give WADA the sample Mo Lights for investigation into Salazar. They should not be surprised, why criticize them even Russia. It really creates some mistrust,” wrote Seppelt in his Twitter.