Above the Ground flying bright comet which can be seen once in a thousand years: video

Over the Earth passes comet C/2020 F3, which is visible to the naked eye, says “Lifehacker”. Next time it will be held near the planet, only a few thousand years.

Над Землей пролетает яркая комета, которую можно увидеть раз в тысячи лет: видеорепортаж

Photo: Shutterstock

Right now above the Ground flies the brightest in the last seven years, comet C/2020 F3.

It was opened on 27 March 2020, the space infrared telescope NEOWISE. According to the engineer training Observatory Ural Federal University Vladilen Sanakoev, it will be visible in the sky for about another week.

Especially well it is visible in the night around 0:00-2:00. The Network has a lot of pictures and videos made in the dark.

NASA experts will discuss and answer public questions about the comet during a special broadcast NASA Science Live Wednesday, July 15, reported on the official website.

The NASA Science Live episode will be broadcast at 15:00 Eastern time on July 15, NASA Television and on the web site of the Agency, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, LinkedIn, Twitch and USTREAM.

Viewers can submit questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskNASA or leaving a comment in the chat section of Facebook, Periscope or YouTube.

NASA will monitor the stream via teleconference on Wednesday at 16:00. Audio of the teleconference will be streamed live at www.nasa.gov/live.

Among the participants in the teleconference included:

  • Lindley Johnson, the officer in the planetary defense and the program Manager coordinating office for planetary defense NASA headquarters NASA.
  • Emily Kramer, co-author of the research team for shirokopalyj infrared studies of near-earth objects (NEOWISE), NASA JPL.
  • Amy Mainzer, NEOWISE principal investigator, University of Arizona.