Absolution after a sexual assault: the engineer loses his job

Absolution after sexual assault: Engineer loses job


The engineer guilty of sexual assault who won a discharge so as not to harm his career has finally lost his job, while female MPs denounced a “disturbing” decision and “shocking”.

“After #MeToo, after all the work of denunciation and awareness, reading passages of this judgment is extremely disturbing”, commented on social networks the deputy of the Parti Quebecois Véronique Hivon, shortly before the Crown announced that she would appeal the case.

Liberal MP Isabelle Melançon said she was “shocked, more than upset, outraged” claiming that the judgment “comes to cloud and challenge women” who want to file a complaint.

Lack of judgment… from the judge?

The reactions follow a ruling by Judge Matthieu Poliquin, of Trois-Rivières, saying Houle, 30, did not deserve a criminal record for his crime committed at a drunken party while a student in 2019.  

In addition to attacking a drunk friend, he had also photographed her private parts. 

Accused of sexual assault and voyeurism, he had waited two years before to plead guilty.

“His arrest, his indictment and the delay of more than two years thinking about the consequences […] are enough of a deterrent”, said the judge, saying that the alcohol consumed by Houle that evening “can help explain behavior”.

Absolution after ;s a sexual assault: the engineer loses his job

Matthieu Poliquin, Judge

In therapy, Houle had confessed to having committed another assault in the past, which was interpreted as “transparency”. 

But despite the judge's desire not to harm the sexual aggressor's career, the latter still lost his job on Tuesday.

“The company has decided to put an end to his employment relationship during a telephone call,” Canimex vice-president of human resources, Michel Goulet, told the Journal.

In the judgment, he It was also explained that during the procedures, his employer had already put him “on the sidelines”. by preventing him from attending parties and office outings, while keeping him working from home.

Houle, who had said he wanted to remain an engineer, had however said in court that he could eventually change his field .

  He undertook, part-time, a certificate in law , moreover indicated the judge.

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