Abusive husband who killed his ex could get away with 10 years

Abusive husband who killed his ex could get away with 10 years


An abusive husband who beat his wife for 20 years, going so far as to kill her in their Laval apartment when he was forbidden from going near it, could get away with it ten years in prison.

“Nathaniel Albert left my family and loved ones scared over the years to finally devastate us completely. […] He took everything we had, “dropped André Lambert, the son of the victim Françoise Côté.

The accused, Nathaniel Albert, could get away with only 10 years old in prison, despite 20 years of abuse.

The 60-year-old man pleaded guilty on Monday to a reduced charge of manslaughter, at the Laval courthouse. 

On December 4, 2020, the accused dialed 911 to medical assistance for his spouse at their apartment in the Chomedey district. He said she was unconscious after taking drugs. 

Police found the 74-year-old woman lying on the ground. Albert was handcuffed at the scene, he who had a ban on being in contact with his spouse.

“When a woman makes a valid complaint against her husband or partner, she should not withdraw it. It's the best way to protect yourself,” insisted André Lambert in an interview with Le Journal.

Better protect victims

He wants a better support for those who file a complaint for domestic violence, in order to prevent them from returning to their spouse. 

The victim Françoise Côté died at the age of 74 in Laval.

 “We have to take action before it goes too far. Things might be different today,” he added with a lump in his throat. , to whom he had been married since 1997.

“For more than 20 years, she always had something broken or she was hurt, but she was hiding. We tried to help him out of that relationship. We tried everything, said his son. 

Fractured ribs, burns in the neck, on the thighs and hands, cuts with a sharp object: the body of Françoise Côté bore the many marks of the violence she suffered, revealed the autopsy. She died slowly from blunt trauma.

Common Suggestion

“In the hour before the 911 call, [the accused] went shopping to prepare a nice meal. There is no version of what really happened in the apartment to lead to his death, “explained the Crown prosecutor, Me Steve D. Fontaine, specifying that his death resulted from multiple blows. by the accused.

The Crown and defense attorney Steeve Rancourt presented a joint suggestion of ten years and seven months in detention. 

The trial judge Superior Court François Dadour wants to hear more representation before ratifying the sentence. 

The case returns to court in October.