Academic in jail for harassing her ex-lover

Academic in jail for harassing her ex-lover


The university researcher found guilty of ruining the life of her ex-lover by falsely accusing him of being a violent sexual abuser will spend a year behind bars.

“We must not underestimate the power of words, which can become a weapon and wreak havoc in the life of a victim. The accused worked hard to destroy the reputation of [the victim]. […] She has considerably harmed her health and her physical and psychological well-being, all that, only with the force of words, ”said Judge Hélène Di Salvo on Friday, in rendering her sentence against Ann Letellier at the palace. Justice of Sorel. 

The well-known researcher in her community had assured the members of the jury during her trial that she was rather the victim and that she had decided to denounce her “aggressor” by reason for the #MeToo movement.

For several days, the jurors were immersed in the lovers' sexual intimacy.

Ann Letellier

With great embarrassment, the plaintiff had to recount in great detail the antics sometimes involving objects, such as handcuffs or fruits and vegetables.

At the end of the trial, the jury found her guilty of harassment and extortion.

In her decision on Friday, the magistrate completely dismissed out of hand Letellier's allegations that she was “raped, abused and sexually assaulted”, to the point of suffering “grievous bodily harm”.  

“The defendant was never a victim of sexual assault. […] It appears from the evidence at trial that they had sadomasochistic sexual relations, somewhat marginal, ”said Judge Di Salvo.

The magistrate listed several contradictions in the testimony of Letellier saying that he does not give him any credibility. 

Immeasurable relentlessness 

Ann Letellier had sent emails to more than thirty people in the entourage of her ex-lover, as well as to the Minister of Higher Education, saying that she had been the victim of numerous violent abuses and asking to “share in large number.”

She had also sent a letter to the victim stating that she had two firearms and that she was skilled in using them. In a threatening tone, she asked for an “amount” to repair her suffering. 

“The defendant’s fierceness towards [the victim] is immeasurable […]. We can only remember that she acted out of a spirit of revenge, deeply affected by the break-up of her relationship which had existed for 20 years, driven by frustration, bitterness, anger and pain,” judge Di determined. Salvo.

Referring to “planned, premeditated, repetitive gestures”, she recalled that the whole had had “significant and devastating effects” on this man, who cannot be identified due to a publication banned.

The researcher was therefore sentenced to one year in prison. She is forbidden to come into contact with the victim and, upon her release, she will have to serve three years probation, as well as several conditions.

Ann Letellier has appealed her verdict of guilt.

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