Accident at work: died at 19 after putting his life back on track

Work accident: Died at 19 after getting his life back on track


The 19-year-old young man, victim of a work accident in Beauharnois last Monday, had just put his life back on track after episodes of academic difficulties.

“There are no words, it's inconceivable. We went through a lot of hardships and there, things were starting to go well. And then things like that happen, it's total incomprehension, ”said Jean-Paul Livenais, the victim's father.  

At the end of Monday morning, Xavier Livenais was reportedly crushed by a forklift in the outdoor courtyard of the Transbordement St-Pierre company where he worked. 

He then remained stuck for a few minutes under the device. 

He was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

The young adult had been employed by this company for two years. 

He was in charge of securing cargo for trains, a job he was particularly fond of, according to his father. 

But for the past few months, Xavier Livenais had only one goal in mind: to become a heavy machinery driver . 

“He had started his training on the different machines of the company, it was going very well, he had even started to read and study again to achieve this goal”, proudly explains his father.

Overcome the difficulties ​

At school, Xavier Livenais encountered many pitfalls that led him to drop out twice. 

First at secondary, then during training in an adult education center. 

“He found studies hard, but I had recently told him to start with crosswords and crosswords to give him a taste for reading and learning,” recalls his father. 

< p>While going through his son's belongings after his death, Jean-Paul Livenais came across a crossword notebook. 

“It's something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. years,” he believes. 

According to him, his son was a true example of perseverance. 

“I think he would like people to know that there is hope for young people, that they should not give up when things are not going well in school, that they should go seek support as he did,” he says.  

A young man with a big heart

Father family remembers his son as a big-hearted, helpful and funny person. 

“He always found a way to make us laugh,” he recalls. 

“Xavier also allowed me to get up and be functional after a work accident”, says Jean-Paul Livenais. 

Following this accident, Mr. Livenais had to learn to walk again. 

“All I had in mind was the desire to play soccer with my children. In my heart, that's what allowed me to move forward and recover,” he says with emotion.

He remembers precisely the first time he had registered Xavier for soccer . 

“I was walking with a cane at the time and he came back from signing up proud to tell me I was going to be his trainer,” he laughs.  ;

To the delight of his son, the father had agreed to train “the little guys”. 

With the collaboration of Maxime Deland, Agence QMI 

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