Accused of letting an elder die in an atrocious way

Accused of letting an elder die so atrocious


Just over a year after the body of an elder was found in appalling condition, her daughter and son-in-law have been charged with negligently causing her death while taking care of her in her residence in Châteauguay. 

“She had no pain, she was in good condition, like you and me there. She didn't want me to ask for help, she wanted to stay in her house,” alleges Scott John Rossall, 55, who had “taken care” of his stepmother for about ten years.

< p>He and his spouse, Karen Lynn Oram, 54, are to appear this morning at the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield courthouse. The couple will face charges of causing death by criminal negligence and failing to provide care necessary for life. 

They will remain free during the proceedings and will not be subject to any conditions, confirmed the prosecutor in the file Mylène Brown, since it is a “crime of opportunity” and they are not likely to reoffend.&nbsp ;

Still Scarred

On June 6, 2021, Scott John Rossall called 911 as Pearl May Billingham appeared to be unconscious for two days. According to our information, the paramedics and police officers who entered and saw the lady remain marked by her condition to this day.

Multiple infected wounds, a foul smell of putrefaction, flesh stuck to the bed sheets: it was more than obvious to the first responders that Mrs. Billingham had not been moved for a very long time. 

L The octogenarian, who was breathing with difficulty at the time, was transported to hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries shortly afterwards. /strong>

Met in front of his apartment located a stone's throw from the residence where the drama took place, Scott John Rossall did not seem to grasp the magnitude of the situation. 

He claims to have left his job several years ago to care exclusively for his partner's mother. Although he gave her no medication for the pain, he claims Mrs Billingham had no complaints and assures that he was taking good care of her.

He did not either wanted to initiate procedures for medical assistance in dying since he “didn't believe in it” and was content to do what the eldest wanted. 

Joint yesterday on the phone, the victim's daughter simply mentioned “no comment”, before hanging up.  

– With Diane Meilleur

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