Accused of trying to disarm a Montreal police officer

Accused of attempting to disarm a Montreal police officer


Four Montreal police officers had quite a scare on October 16 at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, when a man allegedly tried to disarm one of them.

Peter Kerr, a 28-year-old resident of Ontario, was in the emergency room of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal (JGH) under police guard last Sunday. He had been arrested a few hours earlier after refusing to identify himself in the context of a police intervention.

He then managed to grab the service weapon of a patrolman, without however succeeding to seize it completely.

“The police were screaming for help over the airwaves but it didn't work as they had difficulty controlling the particularly aggressive 250-pound man,” says a JGH employee who is not authorized to speak to the media.

“They then yelled at the hospital staff to call 911, because even the panic button on their radios did not transmit a signal,” said the same source. .

Several accusations

According to what we were able to learn, specialists at the SPVM believe that the building envelope would have prevented the transmission distress signals.

More than 10 police officers finally came to help the officers in distress.   

Kerr appeared the next day at the Montreal Courthouse on various charges, including: attempting to taking a peace officer's weapon in the line of duty, assaulting another officer and obstructing police work. 

He is due back in court on October 26 for his bail hearing.

The man had also been wanted by police in Peel, Ontario since August 19 after failing to appear in court on human trafficking charges, according to a statement from Peel police. < /p>

Sad memory

In Montreal, the last known incident where an individual tried to disarm a police officer occurred in January 2021.

SPVM police officer Sanjay Vig had seen his life threatened following a routine interception in the Parc extension district.

A man named Ali Ngarukiye reportedly disarmed him and fired his direction.

Initially, Mamadi Camara had been wrongly accused, then eventually cleared of all charges following a mistake about the person, which had led the former director of the SPVM Sylvain Caron to offer him public apologies.

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