ACRA said about the probability of a financial crisis in Russia

The experts of the Analytical credit rating Agency (ACRA ) report increased likelihood of crisis in the Russian financial system.

ACRA сообщило о вероятности начала финансового кризиса в России

As reported on the Agency’s website, border transition of the financial system in a crisis is 2.5 points.

The indicator on March 10, 2020 is 3.12 points.

“The index value above 2.5 points may indicate higher probability of a financial crisis, but they are not necessarily evidence of the transition to the phase of the crisis,” said ACRA .

The main reasons for such dynamics experts identify the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 and the termination of the transaction, OPEC + oil.

In the end, the Russian ruble fell to a four-year low, and global markets fell after the fall in oil prices following the breakdown of talks between the leader of OPEC, Saudi Arabia and a former partner of Russia.

The ruble fell March 9 more than 7 percent to almost 74 per dollar, the lowest level since the beginning of 2016.

Before the sharp fluctuations of the index occurred in 2008, 2009 and 2014.