Active group that opposes mandatory vaccination, holds a rally in Toronto (PHOTO)

Активная группа, выступающая против обязательной вакцинации, проводит митинг  в Торонто  (ФОТО)

The group, who decided to challenge the constitutionality of the rules of vaccination of children in Ontario, plans today to hold a rally at the legislative buildings of the province.

Also, it is expected that the group, which includes five parents and representatives of the organization Vaccine Choice Canada, will hold a press conference about his initiative.

They argue that the law regarding immunization of students violates several rights enshrined in the Charter, including the right to freedom of conscience and religion and freedom and security of person.

In accordance with the law, children must be vaccinated against certain diseases, unless their parents did not provide documents, allowing you to avoid the procedure for medical reasons or in connection with their beliefs.

However, in order to obtain a release for “medical necessity”, parents must sign a statement about not wanting to subject children to this procedure in connection with certain principles or religious beliefs, and in 2017 they are also obliged in this case to visit the educational conversation.

Children whose parents do not comply with these rules may be suspended by order of the medical worker.

These allegations have not yet been proven in court.

Press Secretary of the Minister of health said that the government could not comment until a decision in court, but intends to continue to strengthen and maintain immunization systems.