Active in the air: Chinese coronavirus was more contagious than than I thought

Federal studies conducted by scientists from several major institutions, showed that the new form of the coronavirus that caused the pandemic, can survive in the air for several hours, according to The Hill.

Активен в воздухе: китайский коронавирус оказался заразнее, чем думали

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The study, pending expert assessment by scientists from Princeton University, the University of California at Los Angeles and the National Institute of health (NIH), published on Wednesday, March 11, showed that the virus 2019-nCoV can remain viable in the air for up to 3 hours after spraying. On plastics and other surfaces it can remain viable for up to three days.

“Our results show that aerosol transmission 2019-nCoV is quite likely, because the virus can remain viable outdoors for several hours and on surfaces for up to a day”, — stated in the results of the study.

The results show that people can get this disease just through the air or a solid object, even if direct contact with an infected person does not occur. This discovery, if confirmed, in stark contrast to previous reports in the media in which it was assumed that the virus can’t be transmitted without direct human contact.

Confirmed diagnoses coronavirus infection received 121 000 people worldwide, with more than 4,300 people died. The majority of deaths occurred in mainland China, where considered to be, there was a virus, and in Italy, where there is a private large-scale outbreak.

The world health organization (who) Wednesday, March 11th, announced the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. officials said they are deeply concerned with the alarming rate of infection and its severity, and the inaction from world governments to prevent the spread of the disease.



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