Active up to 3 months: scientists have developed a unique disinfectant

Hong Kong has developed a unique disinfectant solution — MAP-1. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

Активно до 3 месяцев: ученые разработали уникальное дезинфицирующее средство

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After spraying CSO forms on the surface film consisting of millions of nanocapsule. The remedy remains effective against bacteria and viruses within 90 days, even after drying.

When someone touches the processed MAP-1 surface, thermo-sensitive polymers act as catalysts and release the disinfectant.

Clinical trials of disinfectant a new type, known as MAR-1, is scheduled for completion in early may, after which the Hong Kong authorities will begin to apply it everywhere, writes

in Hong Kong, refused to reveal the composition, operation and other important details about MAP-1. With this innovative tool should not be considered a “destroyer” that COVID-19 – the disinfectant belongs to the tools of a new generation, the development of which took more than a dozen years and, therefore, the commercial value of it is enormous. The University said only that it is a coating with active properties, presenting a threat to all types of viruses within three months after application.

The developers of MAP-1 to specify that the tool applies to protective and preventive, and is not an “offensive weapon”. In fact, they need to handle spaces in advance, and then the virus got there will be very little chance to survive and someone to infect. Interestingly, MAP-1 has already been used for the treatment of low-income housing in Hong Kong in the framework of the fight against coronavirus.

The main drawback of the new high price. This means that the tool will not afford as the ordinary people and many organizations. For this reason the Hong Kong authorities will allocate it in small portions for the treatment of medical institutions, schools and those businesses that are reopening after the epidemic. To share with other countries and even with mainland China is that they don’t intend to.



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