Actor Chris Hemsworth dreams about a role in Star wars

Famous actor Chris Hemsworth shared his dream of a role in the movie “Star wars.” At a roundtable during comic-con ACE Comic Con the actor said that there is hardly a person who would have similar goals.

Актер Крис Хемсворт мечтает о роли в «Звездных войнах»

In the course of communication with journalists celebrity spoke about the measures of protection of information were made by Marvel studios during the filming of the final movie “the Avengers: Finale”. The star, like other project participants, forbidden to see the entire script of the film. During the working process of the artists had no idea about the plot development up until the movie came out in wide release. The actor said that there was a time when people assumed that you are shooting the wedding, but later it turned out that it was a funeral. However, even the writers of the tape “spider-Man: Far from home” was not allowed to see the end of “Finale”.

Regarding the “Star wars” Chris Hemsworth said that grew up on this movie. He really wanted to gain some experience and “more fan than acting”.