Actor from “the Quarter” aims to place Bogdan made a curious statement: “I am innocent”

Актер из «Квартала» нацелился на место Богдана, сделано курьезное заявление: «Я ни в чем не виноват»

Ukrainians managed to deride the habit of the head of the office of the President Andrei Bogdan to whisper to his boss Vladimir Zelensky different ideas and secrets in his ear. Journalists often recorded the performance on photo and video. Andrey Bogdan decided to show that he didn’t start this tradition and published an unusual photo, which Zelensky listens to what he says to his colleague on the stage of Stanislav Boklan.

The Bogdan posted on his page in Facebook. It Stanislav Boklan, who played the role of Prime Minister in the TV series “servant of the people”, whispers something Zelensky, and he listens carefully.

Bogdan wrote that he no longer need to “drive” it in no way to blame.