Actress “95 Quarter” was in bed with Vladimir Zelensky

One of the Actresses of the “Women’s Quarter” Valeria Tovstoles recently appeared on stage with no clothes on, but her exit is almost nothing compared to her personal personal memories.

Актриса «Квартала 95» побывала в постели Владимира Зеленского

“So there were circumstances that initially the suit for this room was different and not as realistic looking, but the humor was built on the naked waiters. We tried to come up with another version of the costume, or rather lack of it. In the end it was much funnier and more realistic when we with Cushion (actor Valentin Mihienko) came on stage with no clothes on”. No sooner had the fans to enjoy, so to speak, “the game” artist on stage like that again pleased the fans with a story about how he had been in bed with Vladimir Zelensky.

Leggy beauty – actress “Women’s quarter” answering a question in an interview: “whose bed did you sleep?” — said that quite by chance that the (obviously we are talking about a tour, whether bus, whether the room), where once slept the current President of the country Vladimir Zelensky:

“…I just chose a bed, then Sasha enters Pikalov and I was like “who is this sleeping?”, and he to me: “Vladimir”,” — boasted the artist. Girls in the video had a laugh and said, “Life is good”.