Actress Natalia Denisenko boasted toned figure in a swimsuit

The star of the show Fortress Natalia Denisenko showed bright photos in a swimsuit.

Актриса Наталья Денисенко похвасталась подтянутой фигурой в купальнике

The actress shared on his page on Instagram, reports the online edition of the with reference to NV.

“Today, despite the night shift, I have a very pleasant day of shooting. The whole scene I was swimming in the pool taluses! Honestly, with the current schedule, like on vacation we spent!”, — wrote Denisenko.

In the photo the actress is posing in a one piece bathing suit purple with a cutout at the stomach. Denisenko smiling, showing a beautiful figure and long flowing hair.

Subscribers bombarded the actress with compliments: “Very beautiful actress,” “wow, he’s so fine”, “I am so happy that Ukraine has such a wonderful actress”.

29-year-old Natalia Denisenko, known for his roles in the TV series Village on a million-and 2 Fortress, where she played a sexy actress Larisa Jahontova.