Actress “Quarter 95” showed candid photos in the network

Well-known member of the “Women’s quarter” Ekaterina Nikitina posted a photo where she shows her athletic figure. She always emphasizes its sporting past at the spectacular, often Studio shots. This time was no exception — the photo was particularly shocking, as the blonde.

Актриса «Квартал 95» показала откровенное фото в сети

The picture shows the girl sitting on his haunches, legs apart and invitingly looking into the camera. Partially visible, her Breasts were provocative and challenging, but stylistically and emotionally intense at the same time.

“I’m not a superstitious person, I though Friday the 13th, at least three black cats the road goes…
Believe that all these phobias artificially weak and cowardly people))))
Once again underlining the fact that on this day they can afford a lot of troubles and setbacks, and all turn to that number 13. All the problems live in our heads and we decide to give them the will to suffer or dispel in a positive way, turning them to their advantage)”, — long signed photo of the artist.

Fans demonstrated outside the image of the artist:


“Marov resting”

“Katya, a sexy cat”

“Super model”


“Sexy girl”