Adele will pay for their freedom almost 100 million dollars

31-year-old Adele, who in April of this year has informed that has decided to temporarily break up with Simon Konecki, her husband and father of her only child, announced she has decided to officially terminate their marriage. This was reported by TMZ. That was the reason for the divorce, not reported. However, according to information received from insiders, the relationship of Adele and Simon in crisis for a long time. “Simon was able to accept the fact that his wife was becoming more and more famous and all the time he remained in the background. But when Adele started giggling, he almost stopped seeing it. They started to drift apart from each other and gradually become almost strangers…” — said one of the girlfriends of the singer.

Адель заплатит за свою свободу почти 100 миллионов долларов

Fortunately, the battle of the baby — that is, their six-year-old son Angelo, in the course of the divorce is not expected. Both parents expressed a desire to take an equal part in the care of their child. But in terms of the section of the money, according to the predictions of experts foreseen a serious problem.

The fact that according to media reports, Adele didn’t care enough to make up before the wedding, held in 2017, the year the marriage contract. And the divorce petition she filed in California, where, by law, in the absence of a contract, each spouse receives in divorce half of the total state. But if the banking accounts of Konecki, reportedly, has nearly $ 1 million, the as Adele, is estimated at 180 million. That is, Simon has a real chance to more than 90 million!

However, it seems that Adele is not too confused by the price she will pay for their freedom. As admitted recently by the singer, it is much more important now “whole again”. After all, as he told the singer, because of constant pressure and stress, she began the words of the singer “losing touch with his real “I”. Therefore, according to Adele, celebrating his 31st birthday, next year she intends to dedicate solely to itself. But this does not mean that the singer wants to spend a whole year alone. After all, she seems to have a new boyfriend. Anyway, the paparazzi managed to photograph Adele kissing a mysterious stranger in one of new York bars.