Administration trump has denied transgender people protection from discrimination

On Friday, June 12, the administration of U.S. President Donald trump has completed the development of a regulation that repeals the defense of the Obama era for transgender people from discrimination in the health sector, writes Kiro7.

Администрация Трампа лишила трансгендеров защиты от дискриминации

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The Department of health and human services said it will provide protection from discrimination on grounds of sex “in accordance with the ordinary meaning of the word “gender” as “male or female” biological characterization.” It rewrites the rules of the era of Obama, who has sought a broader understanding generated in the inner feeling of a man about whether he’s a man, woman or identifies their gender as something else.

In the LGBT groups say that explicit protections are necessary for people seeking treatment to change gender, and even for transgender people who seek treatment for common diseases, such as diabetes or heart problems.

But conservatives say that the Obama administration exceeded its legal authority in the broadest sense of gender.

A dispute about legal rights is recognized as a medical condition called “gender dysphoria” — discomfort or distress caused by discrepancy between the floor, which the man himself identificeret, and sex at birth. The consequences can include severe depression. Treatment can range from surgery sex change and taking hormones to change appearance when a person chooses a different hairstyle or clothes.

Many social conservatives do not agree with this concept.

“According to the old rule of Obama, health care workers had to contribute to sex-change surgeries and abortions — even if they believed it affects their conscience, or thought it harmful for the patient,” said Mary Beth Waddell of the religious conservative group Family Research Council.

In accordance with the rule of the era of Obama, the hospital may be required to follow the procedures for gender transition, such as a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) if the institution provides such treatment for other diseases. The rule was intended to implement the anti-discrimination section of the affordable care Act coverage, which forbids sex discrimination in health care, but does not use the term “gender identity”.

In the women’s public organizations say that the new rules also make the problematic access to abortion is a legal medical procedure.

“No one should fear that he will refuse medical worker because of who this man is or his decisions about his health,” said Fatima Goss graves, President of the National women’s law center.

American Union civil liberties (ACLU) say they have attempted to prevent the abolition of protections for transgender people.

According to the Williams Institute, a think-tank dealing with policy issues pertaining to LGBT in the School of law, University of California, over 1.5 million Americans consider themselves transgender. According to Gallup, more and 4.5% of the population — identificeret themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

“The changes in this rule could cause even more damage to access to health care for transgender people at a time when they face serious problems related COVID-19,” said Jody Herman, an expert on public policy at the Williams Institute.

But Roger Severino, head of the Department of health and human services, which enforces civil rights laws, said that transgender people are still protected by other laws which prohibit discrimination in healthcare on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and other factors.

“The Department of health and human services of the United States respects the dignity of each person, said Severino. — We are unwavering in their commitment to enforce civil rights in healthcare”.

For the administration trump is the latest step in a series of cancellations recently won protections for LGBT people in various fields, from military to housing and education.

The administration has also taken steps to limit military service for transgender men and women, proposed to allow some homeless shelters to consider gender identity when providing someone a place for the night, and in the Memorandum of the Department of justice 2017 concluded that the Federal civil rights act does not allow the protection of transgender persons from discrimination at work.

The new rule will also affect notifications that millions of patients receive in multiple languages about their rights to interpreter services. These notifications often come with forms “explanation of benefits” from the insurer. In the administration of trump saying that notifications have become an unnecessary burden to providers, in five years, this option cost them $ 2.9 billion.


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