Advertising on jerseys: after the CH, the Yankees

Jersey Ads: After CH, Yankees


The appearance of the Royal Bank logo on the Canadiens jersey is sacrilege in the eyes of purists. 

What do I think about it?

Since the time, I no longer take offense at sponsorships in sport.

It's 2022, that's how it is.

We can't help it.

We're going to get used to advertising on National Hockey League team jerseys just as we got used to those on the boards and on the ice, to the names of companies for amphitheaters and, for the past two years, to advertising on players' helmets.

Do it tastefully

The practice has existed for decades in European sports leagues, where hockey players look more like , however, to Christmas trees with the many advertisements that cover their uniforms from head to toe.

Keep it tasteful.

The crest that will be seen on NHL jerseys will be 3″ by 3.2″.

Coming soon to MLB

The NHL is not the first North American circuit to follow suit with European leagues.

In the wealthy NFL, commercial logos have been seen on practice jerseys since 2009.

No decision has yet been made for the jerseys worn during the matches. But we can think that day is not far away.

In the NBA, we can see advertising logos on the jerseys of players since 2016. 

The year next, it will be the turn of baseball teams, including, no offense to their supporters, the famous striped uniform of the sacrosanct New York Yankees.

The Yankees have entrusted the choice of their future sponsor of the firm Legends, a company specializing in the selection of companies wishing to associate themselves with sports teams.

Can you imagine how much it will cost the company which will announce itself on the uniform of the Yankees?