Advisor to Prime Minister said that Ukraine “sew” 4,000 km of repaired roads

The program of the Cabinet of Ministers and Ukravtodor “to Sew”, which involves the overhaul 4 000 km googledesktopo and national significance, and 2 500 km of local roads, is an unprecedented beachfront development for an independent Ukraine. This was stated by Advisor to Prime Minister Yuriy Golik during the presentation of the project, reports correspondent RBC-Ukraine.

Советник премьера заявил, что Украину «сошьют» 4000 км отремонтированных дорог

“In the history of Ukraine’s independence have never been ambitious plans to repair roads. And we are not talking about patching, and capital,” said Golik.

He noted that for the current year funds Road Fund reached a record $ 31 billion and another 20 billion will be raised through international financial institutions. In particular, Golik reminded that Parliament promptly passed two laws that will enable Ukravtodor to attract resources under the guarantee of the government now.

“The Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk stressed that, repairing roads, government and private contractors are required to pay special attention to security. In 2018 on the security issues on roads from the budget not spent a dime, so the number of accidents and deaths continues to grow. Our aim is to reduce road deaths to a minimum, and in the near future – to zero,” said Golik.

Advisor to Prime Minister also said that the so-called “Big construction” on roads will begin on March 1 depending on weather conditions. According to Golik, Ukravtodor away from the evil practice of the road repair areas – from now on all roads will be repaired from beginning to end and, depending on the length and complexity of the road – in the course of one year. In addition, as noted by the Advisor, the market of road works, the competition will develop as the Parliament and the government significantly simplified and standardized procedures associated with tendering, evaluation and quality control.

“And, of course, as said Alexander Kubrakov, we will do our best to protect the results of our work: first, contractors will be required to give a guarantee, and secondly, we’re serious pace to increase the number of points of weight control, to protect roads from destruction due to illegal overloading of transport,” said Golik.